The Secret LIE of Pet Stores: Who killed Hawaiian Ryan's puppy?


I know it's not the movies, and you can't go around John Wicking everybody who kills your puppy, but we sure wanted to do that, when it happened to us. If this was the movies, we'd totally machine gun some bitches whilst doing cartwheels and shit, lol. But since it's real life, we will probably opt for the more reasonable choice of using super soakers instead of actual guns, you can't go to jail for moistening mother fuckers can you? =P In this episode of ratedHR, find out who killed HR's puppy. I mean, besides Parvo. To be honest, we're not pet detectives, but maybe y'all are, maybe you can help us figure out who to John Wick in the face...with super soakers filled with warm sharpei shi shi, haha. Did the pet store (Koolau Pet store) lie to us about what breed the puppies were? Did they lie about lying about lying? What about the veterinary clinic they were in cahootz with, Haiku Veterinary Clinic? Should they be smothered in a million Gov. Ige mustaches for their role or lack thereof in this whole thing? Was this a crime? Or does this type of shit happen all the time, and there's nothing you can do about it? Or maybe we were irresponsibly naive? What could we have done different? We're open to learn, for serious. To all my dog people out there, please comment below, help us all learn from this, so we can all do better next time! R.I.P. Luke Matsumoto! March 8, 2019 - March 22, 2019. And thank you universe for sparing Luke's sister, Leia! @leiasharpeia Thank you to Michele Morlet from and Reena Sha, DVM from @mililanimaukavet for EVERYTHING!! We love you!!! rated HR

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