Jay Pharoah, SNL Alum, Says LAPD Cop Kneeled on His Neck, Shares Video

SNL alum Jay Pharoah shared a story of a very scarey encounter he had with the LAPD while jogging. He said he was jogging when he was stopped. Told he fit the description of a man they were looking for in grey sweats and grey shirt. This happened a week before Ahmaud Arberry footage was made public. The incident happened in the vicinity of Ventura Blvd in LA. The officers handcuffed him and put his knee on Jay's neck before getting the call that the person they were looking for had already been apprehended. He was able to get the footage from a near by security camera. He shared his story on CBS' The Talk. He also posted the video of the incident on his Instagram page.

Have you or anyone you know been falsely detained by police? What was the experience like?


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