Be Ready, Hawaii - In Case of a Hurricane


These videos are overviews to remind you to Prepare Now and Be Ready When!

FEMA created a video playlist of ways to Prepare Yourself and Your Family for an Emergency...the videos are under a minute each. You might even watch and think, "Oh yeah! That's a good one!"

From taking digital images of important documents to creating a second Go Bag of emergency supplies, you ARE prepared with supplies and more basic tips to assist others.

A great tip is to use your social media status to let loved ones know how you are doing, where you (currently) are and that you'll update on that account of any changes or news regarding yourself and your family. 

Please remember not to tie up Emergency Agencies with non-emergency questions or inquiries. Listen to the radio, view TV and keep sheltered until the event is over.

Create your Go Bag - food and water (video below suggests 72 hours; in Hawaii, 10-14 days is suggested) per person in your home, important documents, medicines, toiletries, first aid kit, I.D. card(s), cash, clothing, footwear, trash liners and toilet paper. 

See below for a general overview if you're in need of a "lighter" version:


The video below gives general information ahead of a hurricane's arrival. Remember: once a Warning has been issued, take shelter and do your best not to travel or be outdoors.


If you've got a pet, know where their kennel or travel container is and prep a Pet Go Bag. Include pet food, containers for food and water, walking leash or harness, paperwork, any medicines and materials for their clean up.



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