Optical Illusion Is So Confusing No One Can Agree On What's Going On In It

Photo: Getty Images

When you look at a photo, it's usually pretty easy to tell what you're looking at, but that isn't always the case. There have been plenty of optical illusions that cause arguments over what they show. A picture could be of a wall or a river, a cat or a rabbit, a neck or a back, a cat or a dog, a boat or a car, and now, a hay bale or a hole.

The pic, which was shared on TikTok by @unseenillusions, has some viewers certain they are looking at a hay bale sitting in a field, but others don't see a hay bale at all - they just see a rectangular hole. Some people can even see both.

The consensus seems to be that it is a hay bale shown in the photo, but there is no word on if that is what's actually pictured or not. You can check out more optical illusions at @unseenillusion's TikTok page.

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