Everyone Has Been Eating Pringles The Wrong Way

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There are many chips out there that you can snack on, but Pringles stand out from them all. They were invented 55 years ago and have become a beloved snack choice for many, but what makes them so well known is the unique shape of the container they come in, and also the uncommon shape of the Pringles themselves. The chips are delightfully curved so that they seem tailor-made for your tongue. However, it turns out you've been eating them wrong all this time.

In a video on TikTok, a food snack expert named A-A-Ron shares the mistake you've been making. He states, "We put the curved part in our mouth and just eat it like that, right?" Then he flips the chip and says, "You're actually supposed to eat it like this." He then explains, "The reason is because most of the seasoning on all Pringles are on the top side and not this side. If you rub a Pringle you can actually feel all the seasoning that's on this side."

Plenty of viewers had their minds blown by the clip, noting that they were "today years old" when they learned about eating Pringles correctly. One upset commenter added, "If that's how we are suppose to eat them, that's how they should have put them in the containers."

Another person questioned A-A-Ron asking, "Do you swallow your Pringles whole or something? I feel like by the time you've bitten into them it makes no difference since it's all mixed up anyway." But Ron responded, "I don’t chew them. I let them sit there and dissolve."

You can see more of A-A-Ron's food videos on his TikTok.

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