LL Cool J Tells The Story Of Hip-Hop's Origin During Powerful Performance

LL Cool J

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LL Cool took a unique approach to telling Hip-Hop's origin story during his appearance at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

On Monday night, March 27, the special guest hit the stage at the awards show to deliver a powerful performance about Hip-Hop's roots in honor of the genre's 50th anniversary. LL began by explaining how Hip-Hop was born during DJ Kool Herc's block parties in The Bronx. He recalled the b-boys and the b-girls who established signature dance moves and the MC's, a term first coined by Melle Mel, who spit bars to entertain the crowd rap's early fans. That's when he delivered his spoken word poem about his experience as a MC.

"Break beats played, he had a speaker for a crib, she screamed 'Jack the Rip!' and ignited his gifts," LL Cool J rapped. "To the parents he's a legend, to the children a myth/Here's ya firsthand experience with Mr. Smith, alias Mr. 'Killing-Every-Rapper-In-His-Radius', cyphers like a stadium, bars is vibranium."

At the end of his impactful poem, LL reminded the crowd that his new album is coming soon. Over the roars of cheers he got from the crowd, the rapper-actor told the crowd his "new record is coming soon." The seasoned artist has been teasing his new project for quite some time. At one point, he told his social media followers that he considered not releasing the LP. Fortunately for fans, LL admitted he was just trolling and confirmed his plans to drop his Q-Tip-produced album.

“I know all the tricks. I got this covered," LL previously said about the project. "Look, it was executive produced by Q-Tip. The album I think is really, really special. I think it’s something it’s modern without chasing. It’s a whole new thing. I can’t wait for the people to see it."

LL Cool J's album doesn't have a release date yet.

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