Dreamville's JID & Lute Drop First Single From 'Creed III' Soundtrack

JID & Lute

Photo: Getty Images/Marc Prosper

JID and Lute are coming out swinging with their new banger.

On Friday, February 3, the Dreamville rappers released "Ma Boy." The record, which was produced by Bass Charity, Pluss, Christo and Ben10K, appears to be based on the rivalry fans will get to witness in the upcoming film Creed III starring Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors. JID raps from Donnie's (Jordan) perspective while Lute delivers bars as if he was Dame (Majors) himself. They dropped their new collaboration just hours after J. Cole's label confirmed that their artists will executively produce the official soundtrack for the three installment of the Creed franchise.

"Boy, boy, that's my brother, so play it cool," JID raps. "He a fool, a tool, a loose screw/Pickin' on me, ain't no pick and choose/Either way that you look, it's a lose-lose."

"Y'all just be lit off the hype, you know this really my life," Lute shoots back. "I take a chance and land it, you just be rollin' the dice/My heart is as cold as Atlantic, I just be drippin' in ice, I been that guy since I landed, you a know a real one in sight/You know that this wasn't handed, you know this really my life."

Fans first got the word about Dreamville's involvement with the Creed III soundtrack back in November. Michael B. Jordan shamelessly revealed the news during a panel he was speaking on at ComplexCon.

“I’m probably gonna get in trouble,” Jordan admitted, “Dreamville is executive producing this album.”

Dreamville hasn't confirmed the release date for the soundtrack yet. For now, listen to "Ma Boy" below.

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