10 Times Denzel Washington Was Candid About His Christian Faith

Photo: Getty Images

There have been many times in Denzel Washington's career when he has spoken candidly about his Christian faith. 

He once said, "One of the most important lessons in life that you should know is to remember to have an attitude of gratitude, of humility, understand where the gift comes from. It's not mine, it's been given to me by the grace of God."

In another interview, he said, "This is spiritual warfare. So, I'm not looking at it from an earthly perspective. If you don't have a spiritual anchor, you'll be easily blown by the wind, and you'll be led to depression."

He said in 2015, "Through my work, I have spoken to millions of people. In 2015, I said I'm no longer just going to speak through my work. I'm going to make a conscious effort to get up and speak about what God has done to me."

Do you think you are more religious, spiritual, or neither?

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