Becky Mits' WandaVision Ep 1 & 2 Review! (Spoiler Free)

I saw the 2 new episodes of WandaVision so you don't have to, but based on what I saw, I highly suggest you do.

Here's something to keep into perspective: this is Marvel's first real take into television. I mean, there's Agents of Shield, all of the Netflix series, but- this is the first series to happen in correlation with the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

It starts off with 2 episodes that are seemingly just old-timey sitcoms. However, there is a slight uneasiness to the episodes. Even an average viewer who is unfamiliar with the MCU would be able to tell.

To the fans, (like me,) there are SO many hidden easter eggs hidden within the episode. So many that it requires several viewings to find, which I LOVE. Without spoiling much, I've attached a great breakdown of episode 1 that will really explain (it's just a theory) what's happening behind the scenes.

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