An updated "your new friend: Becky Mits"

Becky is bringing a well needed dose of estrogen to the Sam & Ryan show. And while you’ll get to know her on your morning drives, we’d like to introduce you to our friend Becky by sharing some fun facts about her.

1. Becky started at iHeartRadio as a Sales Assistant.

2. Her first big break as an on-air personality was on Island 98.5’s The Wake Up crew.

3. She is a complete Marvel nerd.

4. She is from Mililani.

5. She hates to drink tea but she loves to spill the tea.

6. Least favorite food: yellow mustard (is that even a food?) and peas.

7. She recently reached 7k followers on Instagram -- go give her a follow @beckymits.

8. Becky’s go-to turn up song: No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame.

9. She went to Mid Pacific Institute.

10. Favorite movie:Silver Linings Playbook.

11. She is obsessed with Disney and has almost 40 pairs of Disney ears.

12. Becky’s Starbucks order (get ready…): a tall, iced caramel macchiato w/soy, 2 extra shots of espresso

13. Favorite Marvel film:Captain America: Winter Soldier.

14. She loves noodles (but please don’t send noods).

15. She is a graduate from Portland State University.

16. Favorite color: PURPLE.

17. She owns roughly 40+ Marvel t-shirts.

18. She has a knack for snacking.

19. Fancy dinners are nice but, let’s be honest, Becky is all about that junk food.

20. She has one brother and one sister, and is the youngest child.

21. Favorite local bar/club: Scarlet Honolulu.

22. Extra pickles, always. But whatever you think is extra, double that.

23. Favorite cocktail: a Strawberry Hula from Koko Head Cafe

24. Favorite musical artist: Kendrick Lamar.

25. Favorite song of all time: Love. by Kendrick Lamar.

26. Becky has worked at Starbucks, Pressed Juicery, Bloomingdales and Disneyland (!!).

27. She has dyed her hair every color of the rainbow.

28. Favorite ‘90s pastime: Martin Lawrence movies (we all know that was his prime tbh).

29. She found friends on Tik Tok! as of this writing, she has 566,000 friends on there.

30. She is extremely competitive, proven by her victories for running the most laps in her school fundraising competitions from 3rd to 6th grade.

31. Favorite activity: eating on the beach, wearing her big hat, and sitting in her purple chair.

32. She loves cheeto puffs -- regular. But crunchy hot cheetos. No other way around.

33. She claims she’s the queen of guacamole (but we’re skeptical).

34. After much deliberation, she claimed her favorite flowers are lilies, but that she’ll take anything she can get.

35. What does she look for in a man, you ask? Becky’s dream guy must:

- Be confident, but humble.

- Make her laugh easily.

- Be sweet, and surprise her with thoughtfulness.

(She is currently in a relationship w/DJ Milk.)

36. Favorite beach: Sunset

37. Celebrity crush: Nick Jonas.

38. Celebrity crush that’s still single (damn you, Paprika): Michael B. Jordan.

39. Becky’s Saturday night typically consists of dinner and drinks with her girls.

40. Guilty pleasure: getting her nails done.

41. Extra sprinkles, always. But whatever you think is extra, triple that.

42. She is very family-oriented and spends every Sunday evening at her parents’ house for family dinner.

43. If she had to choose a New Year’s resolution, it would be to save money.

44. Becky’s best concert: Chance the Rapper in Portland, Oregon.

45. She can make a mean Chili and Fried Chicken. Still hasn't mastered Beef Stew (but will one day!)

46. She is an Aries (and is very incompatible with Cancers and Libras, smh).

47. To be Becky’s friend, you have to be nonjudgmental.

48. Becky’s best quality: finding humor in everything.

49. Becky’s worst quality: overreacting to mundane things.

50. Sam or Ryan?: Sam… only because she knows it will hurt Sam’s feelings if she doesn’t choose him.

You can now hear your new friend Becky Mits every weekday morning on the Sam & Ryan show, as well as from 6-10am on Saturdays, on93.9 THE BEAT.

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