"Call it!" UFC fighter throws in the towel as trainer won't stop the fight!

Max Rohskopf quit his fight in controversial fashion on his UFC debut. His trainer tried in vain to get his fighter to go out for the third round.

Dana White interview at the end is on point, this sport should not be frowned upon when you call it quits, This sport can be brutal to your physical health and if you feel you need to throw in the towel then so be it. You win some and you lose some, as a fan it is always exciting to see the wins be blow for blow but not all fights will go the extent of that.

When i wrestled in high school at Roosevelt, that had got to be the most challenging conditioning, competition and sport i have ever been a part of. So for me i know MMA is wrestling + all other fighting styles, Which is insane. Every second of a fight is like a sprint and can be draining!

So give each fighter that steps in any ring or mat more credit, because MMA is THE hardest sport in my opinion.

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