Coronavirus facts

Doctor holding tablet with futuristic hud screen tablet. Covid-19, Bacteria, virus, microbe. Medical concept of the future.

If you're having trouble keeping up as officials tell you to prepare for possible 14-day quarantines, here are the facts, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The new strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 mainly affects older adults and individuals with underlying health conditions - especially lung and heart related conditions. Diabetics are also at increased risk.

Testing of patients in China found an increased risk of severe symptoms in people 60 and older and an increased risk of death in people 80 and older. Less than 2% of cases involved individuals under the age of 19. 

Serious illness occurs in 16% of patients while most showed mild symptoms. Others have shown no symptoms at all. Most in China have recovered and the recovery curve follows only slightly behind the rate of new cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University's tracker. 

Are you in a high risk category? Have you asked friends and family to keep away? Are you avoiding your older family members?

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