Justin Bieber and Quavo Spotted At Daycare Filming Music Video

It’s been nearly 4 years since we have gotten a full length project from Justin Bieber following his 2015 album, Purpose. However, he’s back on the scene and collaborating with Migos member, Quavo. Following a tease of their collaboration a couple of weeks ago, the two were spotted filming a music video in front of a daycare together. Dancing along with children and other members of the community. The singer and dancer seem to be having a good time dancing to a heartfelt track.

“Ain't it funny how the money, and the cars, and the clothes were nothing until I met Jesus / And ain't it funny how they you look up in the sky and see the stars & the moon and still don't believe them," Bieber is heard rapping in the snippet released.

The song is assumed to appear on Bieber’s upcoming album rumored to be titled, Changes. The album is slated to be released in March 2020 and features his first released single, Yummy.

Bieber recently had a private listening party for his new album in Los Angeles, admitting to attendees that he’s had to deal with some tough struggles, yet find solace with his wife Haley Baldwin.

“I don’t even think I should be alive,” Bieber told the audience as he recalled a “super challenging” period in his life. “I feel like God’s brought me out of a really dark place.”

The iHeartRadio Music Awards performer did admit that "Canadian treasure" Shawn Mendes is not on the LP and pointed out which of the songs that his wife, Hailey Baldwin, enjoyed the most. The project reportedly focuses on the healing powers of love and marriage, and sees Bieber return to the R&B/pop sonics of his 2013 project, Journals.

Expect more from the Biebster when his YouTube docuseries, Seasons, arrives on the social media platform on January 27.

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