Guess Which US Location Tops the List of the World's Sexiest Cities

So what if past surveys have called Miami "unaffordable" and "miserable?" The Florida hot spot has topped a new list of the "Sexiest Cities" -- not just in the U.S., but the entireworld. To come up with the rundown, which was released Wednesday, Big 7 Travel considered a number of factors, including the city in which the most sex occurred, the city best suited for singles and the city that produced the most online searches related to sex. Miami topped every category, Big 7 officials say. Paris checks in at number two, followed by Denver, Copenhagen and Cape Town. Zurich was named the sixth sexiest city, ahead of France's Cap d'Agde, Dublin and Liverpool. And rounding out the top 10 is another U.S. city with a lot of beachfront property, Los Angeles.

Do you agree with the list? What's theun-sexiest city in the U.S.?


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