Max Holloway Smashes Brian Ortega!


UFC 231 lived up to expectations. The main card featured Waianae’s own Max Holloway and undefeated Brian Ortega.  Holloway kept his distance and fought an almost perfectly executed striking plan. He inflected a huge black and blue swell on Brian Ortega’s left eye that nearly shut it closed and Holloway’s precision striking left Ortega a bloody mess as well.  The fight was stopped by the doctor after the 4th round. The injury to Ortega’s face was just too severe for him to continue the fight.  There are people who felt that Ortega’s heart was there and if the doctor didn’t stop the fight, he would have continued. Ortega was a tough opponent despite being pummeled by a barrage of strikes from Holloway and actually had his moments where he caught Holloway with some strikes and some takedowns which Holloway acknowledged. In his post fight interview with Joe Rogan, Holloway said “Is there anyone else?” Whoever his next opponent is, that fighter will have to be a lot better than Ortega.  If he battered an undefeated opponent who was also a Vegas favorite, there is no doubt that Holloway will need to face a fighter who is as skilled in striking and ground game. If the next opponent comes in with skills less than Ortega offered, that fighter will be destroyed!  Here’s more!

Social media reacted immediately after the fight. Read what they had to say. 



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