Men Reveal Least Attractive Shoes On Women

2,103 men were asked which shoes women wear that they find the least attractive and they came out swinging! Wedge shoes was number one on the list. 

Men were asked whether or not they considered women to be more attractive if they wore ‘attractive shoes’, the majority, 93 per cent, said ‘yes’ they were, while 64 per cent of of the guys also claimed they actually shopped and purchased shoe styles they liked for their partner.

Chairman of, Mark Pearson said: 'While we all know that women love to shop for the latest shoes trends, we wanted to know whether or not men love these shoes styles too and if they personally pick out shoes for their partner. “

Here are the top 10 shoes women wear that men find the least attractive!

1. Wedge shoes (71%)

2. Uggs, pictured (67%)

3. Crocs (63%)

4. Platforms (58%)

5. Flip flops (55%)

6. Moccasins (49%)

7. Mary Janes (42%)

8. Ballet shoes (37%)

9. Kitten heels (34%)

10. Sneakers (25%)

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