Bruno Mars In Hawaii Now In The History Books!

KC On The Air| 11/12/18

Bruno Mars did something no other local artist or national artist has done...ever! He became an international star and sold out the Aloha Stadium three times! Part of the reason he commanded such a massive crowd at home is one, he is a local boy. Secondly, his appeal seems to span generations, that was evident on the crowd that came to see him.  Fans as young as 5 to 75 came out in droves and lined up early to get into the stadium.  

Several people came out and bought tickets for three nights and all of them shared the same sentiments.  This was by far the best concert they have ever attended. Bruno certainly delighted the young and old alike with singing and dance moves that rivaled his idol Michael Jackson which he said was the best concert he attended as young boy. He also credited his love for Michael Jackson as a catalyst that sparked his interest on wanting to become a global superstar. Little known fact, one of his first jobs was a Michael Jackson impersonator at a local venue called Legends in Hawaii.  

When he opened his show with a video montage of his childhood pics featuring his family, friends and his late mom set to the background music of local artist Ernie Cruz’ “Island Style”, the crowd erupted. He opened with a song called “Finesse”, a track that he did with hip hop superstar Candi B., who is also scheduled to perform at Aloha Stadium on December 27th along with Snoop Dogg and Sublime.  

His sold out show was non-stop ball of energy with fireworks from start to finish. He had a few comedic pidgin breaks that transitioned into several musical performances that had the audience break out in laughter. 

Bruno Mars knew how to tug on the heartstrings of every single local that attended his show.  He could have said anything on that stage and the crowd would have erupted. 

Bruno Mars in Hawaii was incredibly amazing and we hope that he returns for another round of sold out shows. The third night was as memorable as the first. Yes, we were all there for three nights to witness one of the greatest entertainers to come out of Hawaii. Thank you Bruno for ending your 24K World Tour at home, where you grew up. You made Hawaii very proud! 

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