Here's a useful checklist from:                      

                             Hurricane/Disaster Checklist 

• Stockpile Water!! o Fill up as many containers as possible with water, including heavy contractor garbage bags o Purchase bottled water for drinking o Fill the (clean) bath tubs and sinks with fresh water

 • Get $cash, enough for food and flights out of Oahu, etc.

 • Gas up vehicles, fill trunks of cars with water jugs

 • Charge cell phones, regular radios, VHF radios, satellite phone and laptop computer batteries 

• Check battery supply, buy more if needed

 • Need duct tape, plywood, plastic sheeting, tarps o Duck tape windows/plywood as necessary

 • Have ready all flashlights and candles/matches and lanterns • Package jewelry for evacuation 

• Have ready passports and miscl. insurance, investment documents, mortgage documents, info for travel account info 

• Stockpile canned goods, crackers, cereals, other non-perishable foods • Need can opener/paper plates/plastic utensils 

• Need toilet paper and lots of wet wipes

 • Have ready bucket for toilet use 

• Need large plastic contractor bags for trash

 • Need propane stove 

• Pull all extra eyeglasses 

• Get medication refills well in advance- at least 1 months worth 

• Get backpacks ready with clothes, underwear, shoes, etc ready for evacuation 

• Move household furnishings away from floors and walls likely to be water damaged • Collect toilet supplies such as soap, OTC meds, feminine hygiene products 

• Assemble first aid kit with first aid crème, bandaids, Tums, Pepto Bismol, all prescription meds, etc.

 • Have ready a camera to take pictures before and after damage 

• Collect all personal diaries/photos/keepsakes; make sure they are waterproof and safe 

• Make sure you have pet food and medications

 • Make sure your pets have a collar ID or other ID

 • If you move to upper floor, be sure to inflate air mattress while you still have power. 

• Collect blankets/pillows, sleeping bags and keep in dry place

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