"Amazon Key" Has People Feeling All Sorts Of Ways


A common issue I think all of us online shoppers face is the fear of our packages being left outside our door when they are delivered. They could be stolen, damaged, or subjected to a whole slew of problems if we are not home to accept them. To solve this problem however, Amazon is providing a new service they hope will calm these worries. Amazon launched a new program called Amazon Key, and it allows the delivery people to unlock your door, and leave the packages inside. Now before you freak out, it seems fairly secure. You must buy Amazon's new web camera to monitor your door and have a compatible digital lock. Amazon will let you know when the delivery is on it's way, who is delivering it, and if they locked the door. Plus the camera will let you see the person delivering it every time so you know nothing sus is going on. 

After the announcement though, the web has been lit on FIRE with some pretty savage responses. People are totally freaked out by this, and while I kind of see why, at the same time no one is forcing you to use the service. It kind of feels like people just want to complain. Amazon provided a legit solution to a common problem people face and people still are not happy. Whatever though. Will you be using the service? It's for sure interesting!

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