THIS Is Why Peanut Butter And Chocolate Tastes So Good Together

Peanut butter and chocolate, ahhhh, one of the best and most iconic combos of all time. Right up there with PB&J. For all my chocolate and PB lovers out there, myself included, did you ever wonder why this combo is so heavenly? Well if you have, science has come to the rescue with a total dope answer. Apparently people love this combination so much because of something called Dynamic Sensory Contrast. Our taste buds love when contrasting flavors come together, and the smoothness of the chocolate and the salty crunch from the peanut butter are a contrasting match made by the gods. You can read the full story HERE with further explanation, but essentially these two go together so well not only for the salty and sweet contrast, but also the contrast of textures, making the food really stand out to our tastebuds and minds. Lots of cool science, all I know is I loooooveeee me some peanut butter cups. 

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